Bank account

Using our wide range of banking network, we will assist you to open business bank account for your company or private bank account to protect your assets.

Offshore company

Choose the right jurisdiction for your offshore company incorporation regarding your business activity.

Nominee service

For the protection of your identity, we provide a professional nominee director and nominee shareholder services.

World Offshore – Company Formation Services (UK, Scotland, Hong-Kong, Non resident,…)

Since 2005 World Offshore provides offshore company formation, management and administration. More than 10 year experience in the offshore business field has created trustable network of bankers, lawyers, accountants and local agents.

World Offshore has helped entrepreneurs and companies to benefits from their international structures by concurring new foreign markets, protecting their assets and taking advantage of tax planning (including UK Company Registration Non Resident).

World Offshore clients receive a professional assistance and personal approach in all stages of offshore company formation, offshore bank account opening and further company management assuring high anonymity and confidentiality (including UK Company Registration Non Resident).

Offshore Services Provided by World Offshore:

  • International & offshore company formation. Offshore Company is an entity registered in a country outside its tax residence and established in a low tax or non-tax existent country – known as tax haven. The benefits of an offshore jurisdiction even a UK Company Registration Non Resident is the simplicity of the company’s laws, a high level of anonymity, lack of public records, fast company registration and strong protection of the assets.
  • Director and shareholder services (nominee services). Nominee director and shareholder is allowed in various offshore jurisdictions by law, in order to offers an extra degree of asset protection, as the nominee director’s details appear on the jurisdiction’s company registry instead of the beneficial owners.
  • Business & private bank account opening. Any offshore company in order to operate requires a bank account. World Offshore uses only verified and trusted banking partners for business and private bank account opening. 
  • Virtual Office and your own company identity. An representative address and telephone number in business center of London will highly increase the company’s value. 
  • Accounting and auditing for your company. World Offshore provides full accounting services based on local accounting standards.  

Whether you want to incorporate a new offshore company or would like to change the intermediary of your already existing entity, we are here to assist you.

Let us know about your project and we will come back to you with a proposal.

Why Choose World Offshore as your Service Provider?

  1. World Offshore provides offshore company formation services in jurisdictions all over the world and has strong relationships with the best global partners.
  2. Additionally, you can be confident that we always use secure payment systems and there are no hidden costs with us, something that is important to keep in mind if you are comparing our schedule of fees with some other companies. Our pricing reflects the fact that we provide the best possible value for our customers whilst also providing the highest quality of service. Our client firstly receives a detailed quotation and only after the confirmation is issued.
  3. You will receive an individual, personal service from a dedicated account manager and you can be sure we pay attention to the smallest detail. Our staff is multilingual, professional, efficient, friendly and well-informed.
  4. Each client of World Offshore will have an assigned personal support specialist in order to provide most efficient service.

Contact us if you need our assistance or any further information about offshore company formation.

International & Offshore fields World Offshore specializes in:

  • Offshore Company registration in all major countries,
  • Private and Business Bank account opening,
  • Company structure and office creation in Europe,
  • Company Registration in United States,
  • Offshore Company Management,
  • Accounting, audit and Financial Statement preparation and filing to local authorities,
  • Registration and management of offshore yacht,
  • Implementing Offshore E-Commerce solutions.

We will explain how business structures in various jurisdictions and tax haven countries can benefit you. If you are interested or need helpful information about offshore solutions and opening an offshore bank account, speak to one of our representatives today.

World Offshore is here to help you!