Business Bank Account opening for non-residents

What banking services are available to our clients?

World Offshore banking partners provide the following services:

  • Any global currency accounts, also multi-currency accounts;
  • Internet banking access;
  • Debit and Credit cards;
  • Saving accounts;
  • Deposit possibilities;
  • Trading in currency, shares, cryptocurrencies and other markets;
  • Letter of Credit.

Please note that creating a credit line or taking out a loan is particularly complicated and difficult with offshore companies, due to the not well established international information movement related to person’s availability to pay and to check their credit history.

When opening a non-resident business bank account for your offshore company, you will have the sole signatory power on the bank account to ensure the full privacy of your transactions. No other third person will have the access. This is an important aspect when are used nominee services.


Process for Business Bank Account opening for non-residents:

  • Information collected from the client about the business activity, turnover, expected amount and destination of the transfers;
  • Necessary document collection;
  • Submission for a pre-approval request to the selected banks;
  • Received approval from the banks;
  • Bank application form filling;
  • Company document certification;
  • Bank application form singing;
  • Complete file submission to the bank;
  • Compliance check (may take from 2 – 14 days, depending on the bank);
  • Approval from the Compliance Department;
  • Receive Bank account details;
  • Transfer of initial deposit;
  • Dispatch of e-banking tools and credit/debit card.

Documents required for non-resident business bank account opening:

During the account opening process, banks may ask for additional documents to have a clear understanding of the business activity and the purpose for opening the account.

Standard required documentation for offshore business bank account opening:

·         Account holders personal documentation: valid passport, proof of address, CV, personal bank account reference letter / or personal bank account statements (not required by all banks).

·         Company’s full documentation set.

·         Business plan / presentation.

·         Previously signed contracts / invoices to prove the business activity (for start-ups may be provided drafts or detailed business plan).


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A company may open a bank account in any jurisdiction, even if it’s different from the country where the company has been incorporated.
World Offshore provides bank account opening in the following countries:

Seychelles Seychelles
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Belize Belize
Singapore Singapore
Panama Panama
Mauritius Mauritius
Ras Al-Khaimah Ras Al-Khaimah
Delaware Delaware
Gibraltar Gibraltar
British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
Cyprus Cyprus