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You will find below the list of the jurisdictions World Offshore currently works with.
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World Offshore provides a wide range of services such as offshore company formation and maintenance, creating and maintaining bank accounts, provision of nominee directors and shareholders and other offshore services.

Offshore company formation is generally much easier than onshore incorporation, due to lax legislation and business-friendly regulation. You can have your offshore company in as little as a couple of days from an order to World Offshore.

Offshore Company Formation and the Advantages:

Offshore companies can offer a variety of advantages over their onshore equivalents:

  • Lower tax rates;
  • Security against creditors;
  • Easier company reporting requirements;
  • The protection of one’s identity;
  • Avoiding local investing restrictions.

Most common reasons for offshore company formation are optimization of taxes, asset protection, captive insurance, protection of intellectual property, confidentiality and privacy.

The suitability of offshore companies to a particular individual can only be ascertained after a reasonably detailed analysis of one’s financial situation and future plans.

Why World Offshore?

World Offshore is a highly respected and experienced offshore service provider, having assisted hundreds of companies in all the major offshore jurisdictions across the globe for over 10 years. Our highly experienced team, with in-depth knowledge of each jurisdiction, has been successfully helping customers on offshore company formation procedure and management.

We are also able to take care of your needs in regards to banking if you wish. Lastly we are able to offer full nominee and remote virtual office services in most all the jurisdictions we work with, helping you get your business fully up and running.

Our Core Advantages:

  • Cost-effective solutions;
  • Absolute Confidentiality;
  • Fast and efficient execution;
  • Dedicated customer relationship.

Privacy Guarantee

The information you provide to World Offshore will remain confidential to the greatest extent of the law as provided by our legal counsel. Naturally, it is our policy not to conduct business or to assist others contrary to the law and ethical business practice.

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