Non-Resident Company Incorporation in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a small country and British Overseas Territory of approximately 6.0 km2. It is located in a strategic position on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. Company Incorporation in Gibraltar is strategically advantageous for international business.

Gibraltar’s economy benefits from an extensive shipping trade, banking sector, and its position as an international conference center. The main financial sectors are tourism, shipping services fees, e-gaming and e-commerce and telecommunication.

A Non-Resident Company is a type of entity that is set up for international business, who doesn’t trade within the jurisdiction. Such companies are owned, controlled and managed by non-residents and benefit from 0% tax on income which has not been delivered from Gibraltar nor remitted to it.

How to set-up a company in Gibraltar:

Usually one of the first steps for setting up a company is to decide about the invested share capital and to pay it up. The great aspect of a Gibraltar non-resident company creation is that it doesn’t impose a minimum share capital that should be paid up when registering a non-resident limited liability company.

Foreign companies can also create a branch or representative office in Gibraltar.

By Companies Act all companies incorporated in the jurisdiction of Gibraltar are required to have a registered office and a company secretary. Companies must also have at least one director and one shareholder. Director can be rather individual person or an entity, as same as shareholder.

World Offshore will assist you to register a company in Gibraltar with local registered address and company secretary. If required also nominee services are available for clients’ identity protection.


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Gibraltar non-resident company for who and for what?

Company Incorporation in Gibraltar is an attractive choice to many entrepreneurs who can benefit due to its non-resident beneficial tax system. Gibraltar non-resident company can be used for and by the following business:

  • E-Commerce;
  • Consulting Services;
  • Receiving commissions;
  • Consultants / Counselors;
  • Holding intellectual property rights;

What are the benefits of Company Incorporation in Gibraltar?

A Gibraltar Non Resident Company does not fall under the Gibraltar tax system until the conditions that the trade and activity remains outside the jurisdiction are met. In addition there is no wealth tax, Capital Gains Tax, gift tax or Value Added Tax.

  • No corporate taxation – 0%;
  • No capital gains tax and no exchange controls;
  • Developed and favorable corporate law;
  • As Gibraltar is a member of the EU, this makes it an ideal place for companies that are looking to do business in Europe.


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