Private Limited Company in Singapore

Singapore is an island nation, both a city and a country, located just off the southern tip of Malaysia in Southeast Asia.

Private Limited Companies that have their central management and control located outside Singapore are not liable for Singaporean tax on foreign source income which has not been remitted into Singapore. Incorporation of an offshore company in Singapore can be completed within one week with a share capital of only 1 SGD. By opening a Singapore Private Limited offshore company, your business will be taken seriously by stakeholders, such as your employees, bankers and other professionals you will be dealing with, as this country is not considered a tax haven.

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Singapore offshore company for who and for what?

  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Consultants;
  • International trade;
  • Commerce on the Internet;
  • Stockbrokers / Forex traders;
  • Protection of movable and immovable property;
  • Inheritance purposes;
  • Intellectual property holding rights.

Why to choose Private Limited Company?

  • Full tax exemption for newly incorporated companies;
  • No dividend or capital gains taxes;
  • Good infrastructure, developed capital markets, an educated workforce and a low crime rate are considered to be further attractions in addition to the tax benefits;
  • There are not any restrictions for foreigners as shareholders or directors.


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  • Incorporation of company;
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  • Original company document providing;
  • Proffesional business bank account opening in 12 countries;
  • Proffesional secrecy and anonymity;
  • Virtual Office;
  • Professional nominee director and shareholder service;
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